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Network engineer's employment choice

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Now the network industry can provide high-paying industry-oriented operation and maintenance of manufacturers and big parties, such as finance, such as large manufacturing, and then Internet company cloud computing company.


No matter what career you choose, it’s good for you. Software engineers or network engineers, if not their own interests, are very painful to do. Work without interest and passion will not do well.


The current demand for software engineers is definitely larger than that of network engineers. According to the statistical law, the code of 100 lines has an average of one bug. In order to find these bugs, it takes more time to test. The general test can only find 80. -90% of bugs, leaving 10% of undiscovered bugs left in the product, and when customers have large concurrent requests and large traffic, they can find 5% of the bugs in the product. The more difficult it is to find bugs later, the harder it is to solve. Software engineers need to constantly fix bugs, which also causes the demand for software engineers to be large.


Network engineer, primary inspection, intermediate configuration, testing, troubleshooting, advanced network design, advanced troubleshooting. This time reflects your value. Most software engineers are only proficient in their own, and the understanding of the network is not so deep. It still needs network engineers to take the network platform to reproduce the bugs on the customer site. In fact, no one must be stronger than anyone else but the division of labor is different.


I have been a software engineer for many years, but I am not interested, because the development is only dedicated to a small piece of the network, and I don't know the overall architecture of the network. There is a feeling of being in this mountain and the cloud is not known. In fact, there are two years of development work that I forced myself to do. I remember that the big characters in the network have generally developed. Cisco principal engineer, distinguish engineer is a software engineer, so the development of network protocols is good for knowing. More details, deeper levels. Don't be arrogant, don't be blindly arrogant, the characters of the big cow are generally low-key, and the more arrogant, the more you can show your own shallowness.

I have helped software engineers to troubleshoot, MVPN, DMVPN, FLexVPN, without a thorough understanding, how to start? What are these stuffs? How many software engineers know? It is not through the accumulation of network knowledge, how can we understand it thoroughly? No one in this world is better than anyone else. You can make up your mind and work hard to stand out.

Don't be confused, obey your inner choices, do it if you are interested in it, don't force yourself. Software engineers and network engineers are very promising.


Let's talk about network engineer CCIE. Some people say that network engineers are looking at the manuals. I want to say that the level of people you know is too low. CCIE is not configured with ip and static routes. It is called CCIE, so it is cheap to go to the computer city. Saving things, the computer city shops have already killed the integrators. CCIE should deal with the rationality of the architecture, how routing jitter can quickly converge within the entire network, and how bandwidth can be properly utilized and optimized. This is what a real CCIE should do. The real technology god should be humble. The technology is interoperable. The code farmers have been doing the four functions of adding, deleting, and checking for so many years. If you are a Software architecture direction, you are not a code farmer. I believe that it is not so easy to do this level.


Let's talk about the future. The standard of SDN is still the traditional old company of cisco and IBM. Software engineers can slowly extend the network, which means that network engineers can also encroach on the field of software engineers. If you don't keep up with the rhythm of knowledge update, I believe that any industry can't do well. If you have the ideal to pursue, or go to the first-tier cities to work, on the one hand, there are many opportunities, on the one hand, there are many cowboy, all kinds of crushed, fierce competition and pressure, pushing you forward. . . Network engineers have more time to master new knowledge than software engineers. This is the advantage, and network engineers are expected to cheer.

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How long to pass CCIE Security Lab exam

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Passing the CCIE Security Lab exam is just another milestone to be achieved for any CCIE prospect in order to become a CCIE Security certified professional. The CCIE Security certifications validate that the individual possesses all the skills required to design and secure any network. There are still many non-Cisco vendors joining the network industry every day making the market more competitive. However, the demand for CCIE certifications are growing day by day and the CCIE certified professionals have a cent per cent job guarantee.


CCIE exam is a competitive expert level certification where the individuals have to prove the following skills in order to become certified. They should be able to verify and resolve the network security issues in a timely manner. They should be able to troubleshoot any issue arising in Cisco technology/products. They should have good hands on identifying the root causes without accessing the devices. Last but not the least they should develop skills on understanding the traffic flaws and learning how to bridge them.


In order to become eligible with troubleshooting and securing any prescribe Cisco network, the candidates have to undergo extensive learning. They should possess good hands on their skills and this involves a lot of practice. The CCIE individuals who are planning to prepare and pass the CCIE Security lab exam should keep in mind that they will surely need nine to fifteen months of extensive practice for passing CCIE security lab exam. This means that the CCIE Security lab exam is really very tough and it cannot be passed if you are not fully prepared.


Many individuals appear in CCIE Security lab exam and end up failing it because they have set expectations for themselves however the Cisco does require you to be very realistic. The passing candidates will tell you that the only secret of passing CCIE lab exam is your hands-on practice. Cisco itself states that the candidates passing ratio in the first attempt is very low. So do not burn up your money taking the exam without proper preparation.


The preparation can be done by getting access to all the relevant learning material. This material can be accessed through the Cisco official website which is a good resource for providing self-study learning stuff as well as content generated by their community experts. The individuals should also make notes of all the important data and make their habit of reviewing them. Some CCIE lab exam prospects also keep on purchasing practice exam data from reliable vendors and try to solve them in order to get some good hands-on practice.


Proper project management is required to the individuals in order to pass the CCIE Security Lab exam. Either it is your first attempt or another but make sure that you can change your future if you pass this exam.  So, stick to your basic objectives until the end. Don't set expectations for yourself. Make habits of practising and learning everything in your domain related to the exam. Determine what suits you the best in terms of preparation.  Do not go for too many options, consider options to plan your tasks weekly or bi-weekly terms. Make determination by focusing your routine tasks. Take time for your preparations and it will be good if you plan for at least nine to fifteen months of preparation before appearing in the Lab exam.


Once you have prepared for this Lab exam, and you feel that now is the right time to test your skills by getting enrolled in the CCIE Security Lab exam. Even then better to take one more month time to schedule for your exam. Don't forget that this becoming a CCIE Security certified professional means that you really own something which the others don't have.

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CCNA Routing and Switching certification guide PDF

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As the Enterprises migrate towards the controller based architectures, skills and the role required of a core network engineer are evolving and that too more vital than ever. In order to prepare for this network transition, the CCNA Routing and Switching certification will not only going to prepare you with the knowledge of foundational technologies, but it will also be ensuring you to stay relevant with skill sets needed for the adoption of next-generation technologies.



There are no Prerequisites required for appearing for this examination.



The best way so as to prepare for this certification is to take the Cisco-approved training:


ICND1 or Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 1

This course will provide the candidates the foundational knowledge of network layers 1 to 3 that are applicable to core routing and switching and also would be introduced to the advanced technologies. Topics include the network and interactions functions of firewalls, access points, and wireless controllers, along with an additional focus on basic network security and IPv6.


ICND2 or Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 2

This course is going to provide the skills and knowledge needed to install, operate, configure, and troubleshoot a small enterprise network. Key topics that are to be included are QoS elements, cloud services, and virtualized, along with controller tools and types that are available to support software-defined architectures of the network.


CCNAX or Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices: Accelerated

This is a composite course that is to be derived from the merged content of ICND1 and ICND2 into a single five-day training course


CCNA R&S Exam:

So as to earn this Cisco certification, you have to pass the following exam(s):


CCNA Composite Exam:

200-125 CCNA

This exam tests a candidate's skills and knowledge related to network fundamentals, LAN switching technologies, IPv4 and IPv6 routing technologies, WAN technologies, infrastructure services, infrastructure security, and infrastructure management.


Option 2: ICND1 and ICND2


100-105 or ICND1

This exam is going to tests the candidate's skills and knowledge related to network fundamentals, routing technologies, LAN switching technologies, infrastructure services, and infrastructure maintenance.


200-105 ICND2

This exam is going to tests the candidate's skills and knowledge related to LAN switching technologies, WAN technologies, IPv4 and IPv6 routing technologies, infrastructure maintenance, and infrastructure services.


CCNA R&S Cert Guide Features:


This Guide goes beyond what you would find in a simple technological guide. This will give you a study system designed so as to help you not only to learn the facts but also to develop the skills that would be needed to pass the exams. To do that, in the technology chapters of the book, there are about three-quarters of the chapter which are totally about the technology, and about one-quarter is for the other related study features. The Foundation Topics section of each chapter will contain rich content so as to explain the topics on the exam and to show as many examples as possible.


This section will make extensive use of figures, with the lists and tables for comparisons. It would also highlight the most important topics in each chapter as key topics, so you would have the knowledge about what to master first in your study. Most of the book’s features would tie you in some way to need to study beyond simply reading the Foundation Topics section of each chapter. The rest of this section will provide you the works through these book features and because the book organizes your study chapter-wise, and then by part-wise which will have a part containing multiple chapters, and then a final review at the end of the book, will discuss the book features introduced by chapter, part, and for final review.


So, you could gain this guide through many platforms available online, whereas If you need further help regarding the CCNA Routing and Switching Certification, the SPOTO CCIE Club, would be the best for it.

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What is CCNP Routing and Switching?

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CCNP Routing and Switching certification is the professional level qualification which validates that the certified professional has the required ability to plan, implement and troubleshoot local and wide area networks. This also verifies that these certified professionals can work collaboratively with the experts on advanced projects. Having a valid CCNA Routing and Switching or CCIE certification can act as prerequisites while applying for CCNP Routing and Switching.


This certification is also an appropriate option for those who are working in the networking industry for a minimum of one year. They can enhance their skills by taking this certification which allows them to work independently on complex projects. Just like CCNA Routing and Switching, the knowledge earned by taking CCNP Routing and Switching serve as the foundation to all the other Cisco tracks. Those who have successfully passed this certification are entitled to the following job titles;


·         Network Engineer


·         Support Engineer


·         Systems Engineer


·         Network Technician


All the Cisco Routing and Switching tracks are considered to be evergreen certifications because they serve as the foundation for every track and individuals planning to take in-depth knowledge of networking industry are encouraged to take Routing and Switching certifications. This course is still high in demand, and the professionals can boost their salaries by taking it.


Cisco is a leading pioneer in providing Routing and Switching solutions and according to the market consensus, they still hold more than 50% of the market shares in the network industry. Although there are many IT certifications available in the market Cisco certifications are still booming. These certifications allow individuals to boost their skills and showcase them because they are recognized throughout the globe. Worldwide acceptance and recognition are also one of the main reasons why individuals prefer Cisco certifications over other IT courses.


The CCNP Routing and Switching exam consist of three modules, meaning that the individuals have to pass three exams costing them 300$ each in order to get CCNP Routing and Switching certified. Unlike other CCNP tracks, this Routing and Switching track is easier as compared to the other ones. It comes up with three modules, however, CCNP Collaboration, wireless, etc have four modules. So the preparation and passing CCNP Router and Switching is easy as compared to the other CCNP tracks.


These CCNP Routing and Switching exams are:


·         300 - 101 Route (Implementing Cisco IP Routing)


In this exam, the students have to prove their skills in planning, configuring and verifying the implementation of secure LAN and WAN routing solutions using Cisco products like routers. This exam validates the routing knowledge of the passing candidates. The exam duration is two hours and the total questions range from 50 - 60.


·         300 - 115 Switch (Implementing Cisco IP Switched Networks)


This segment allows the students to learn about planning, configuring and verifying the implementation of switching solutions. This exam covers Layer2 technologies and the students also learn secure integration of VLANs and WLANs. The exam duration is two hours and the individuals are judged through 45 - 55 questions.


·         300 - 135 TSHOOT (Troubleshooting and Maintaining Cisco IP Networks)


This allows the students to learn how to troubleshoot even the complex routing and switching protocols. They have to study network principles and technologies like Layer2, Layer3, and VPN. The individuals also learn about how to secure and troubleshoot any given infrastructure either by using a local database or through device access control. The exam duration is two hours and the individuals have to answer 15 - 25 questions.


Like all CCNP tracks, this CCNP Routing and Switching certification is valid for a period of three years and is subject to recertification before the expiry date.

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